Plastic Waste Recycling

There are many varieties of plastic to recycle that you may not have thought of before.

Plastic waste recycling in Essex and the UK

At B.I.G we deal with mixed loads on a regular basis, taking what is unique and valuable out of specific varieties of plastic in order to give you the greatest return.

Plastic waste is valuable. By analysing and assessing your production of waste we’re able to establish an efficient and effective programme that guarantees a lucrative return on plastic that we collect and recycle for you.

Much of what we advise on is where you store your waste plastic. We’re able to set up dedicated office systems for your business, making sure that waste is situated at a single point. This can be increased to various sized containers too, delivered to your workplace and subsequently reducing transport costs and overall impact.

Varieties of plastic we collect include PET scrap, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and even plastic film. These are found in a host of household and office based materials, ones you may not have thought you could recycle and make money from.

Common forms that these plastics take are in soft drink bottles, piping, cable, clothing, flooring, plastic bags, containers, packaging, labelling, yoghurt pots and foam food trays, shrink wrap and even used pallet film.

Each is given a quality check to assess how effective recycling will be for each material, to make sure you receive the most lucrative return.

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