Paper Waste Recycling

One of the most common forms of waste that we collect and recycle for businesses across Essex and the UK is paper.

Paper waste recycling in Essex and the UK

Despite our digital age, physical copies of documents remain key to the running of businesses up and down the country, but subsequent disposal is often where companies struggle, wasting time and money on ineffective strategies.

Having an expert engineer visit your premises to assess your consumption is the most important step in the process. By analysing both the quantity of paper waste you produce and the current solutions you have in place we’re able to offer simple but effective changes to your recycling programme, helping manage areas of storage, as well as times and places for collection.

What often is overlooked by businesses who produce vast quantities of paper waste is what a lucrative opportunity recycling can be for them. The recycling of this waste is incredibly valuable, as well as environmentally beneficial, as you make use of what you may consider a useless commodity.

We deal with all manner of paper waste, from computer paper, magazines, newspapers, printing waste and even educational text books. Recycling these materials can prove rewarding both environmentally and financially.

The processes at B.I.G. are tailor-made to meet your requirements too, with the collection time and place arranged depending on how often you require us to visit, fitting this in with your daily schedule.

We will transport everything to our facility and you will receive the financial benefits.

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