Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Recycling
Commonly used for shrink wrap, grocery bags and other clear film packaging/wraps. Find out how we recycle properly in the UK with our advice from recycling experts.
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Cardboard Recycling
Cardboard is made from wood fiber, so recycling it saves both landfill space and trees. Most cardboard products can be recycled, contact us for your recycling requirements.
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Cardboard waste recycling in Essex and the UK

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Mixed Loads

Plastic, cardboard, paper, metal

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B.I.G. Recycling in Essex are not just a waste carrier – we are the experts who will work with you to find ways to solve your waste management issues with ideas that can increase your profitability.


Whatever materials you have to dispose of B.I.G. Recycling can advise you on all aspects. Our Waste Management Audit will find news ways to save and make you money.


Our solutions are bespoke to your requirements and designed to increase your profitabilty – whether you need mixed loads, you want your own recycling machinery or an assessment of the best prices you can receive – B.I.G. Recycling are here to help you.