Metal Waste Recycling

There are companies across the UK who create significant amounts of metal waste but do not have a strategy in place to dispose of it efficiently.

Metal waste recycling in Essex and the UK

At B.I.G we’re able to take this byproduct and turn it into a steady, lucrative source of income for your business, reducing your need for storage and making you money.

Having a significant amount of metal waste gives you the opportunity to bring additional funds into the business, but effective recycling also has its environmental positives too.

Often it is simple changes that will enable to you to become a more efficient company, as disposal of your waste reduces environmental damage that you inadvertently cause.

When you enquire with us we will send out a recycling waste engineer to assess your current situation and advise you on what they believe would be a successful strategy to deal with you metal waste. A programme will then be created tailor-made to you, with metal collected as regularly as is convenient.

Everything is transported to our secure recycling facility, where we will assess the quality and the weight of all materials collected and be able to offer you a fair and accurate price.

Although a recycling business based in Essex, we collect waste metal from a variety of different sectors across the UK, providing effective solutions to create a lucrative and environmentally sound recycling process.

We can collect and dispose of aluminium, brass, copper, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lead and stainless steel material.

We also are able to deal with batteries too, taking advantage of useful materials found inside.

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