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Confidential Waste Recycling

At the B.I.G Recycling Consultancy we are dedicated to upholding the confidentiality of our client’s documents.

Our waste recycling service offers secure shredding of sensitive material that safeguards against important or potentially harmful information falling into the hands of competitors, or private client data becoming exposed and leading to legal action.

Although an Essex recycling company, we provide our service across the UK, keeping confidential waste safe for small businesses and major corporations alike. The content of the documents may vary but our commitment to keeping it secure does not.

The process we use to secure and transport your confidential waste to our shredding facility is one we have fine-tuned to offer maximum security. A highly trained member of our waste recycling team will collect your documents in a security tagged bag, making sure that all details remain hidden and tightly secured. Once transported the waste is destroyed in a highly secure, CCTV monitored room by equally well trained engineers.

It is a process that we perform regularly and one that offers our customers peace of mind when it comes to the disposal of sensitive material. We can even on request offer you the opportunity to experience the process first hand, inviting you to join us in the shredding facility as your documents become unusable.

As further protection we supply you with a destruction certificate on completion, giving you legal confirmation that your material has now become recyclable waste material. 

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