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Cardboard Recycling

At B.I.G we recycle cardboard for companies across Essex and the UK for a variety of different industries offering a variety of different services.

Offices around the country will create cardboard waste, along with factories who send and receive transportable products and shops who hold goods. Anywhere where there is excess cardboard or card material we’re happy to take the waste and turn it into a lucrative source of income.

The process is a simple one to comply with and is based on meeting your individual requirements in the most efficient way we can. Having assessed the quantity of waste cardboard and card you produce we will come up with a tailored strategy for you.

We begin with a quality check, separating the clean, quality material from anything that less well kept, for example what is wet and soggy. Once we have done this we can be sure that the bales we assemble offer the most lucrative return. Part of our strategy will be to supply cardboard containers to your office or premises, enabling you to store your waste material in a single point of collection. The containers size will vary depending on the quantity you can provide.

Once we have collected it from you, the cardboard will be put through a machine that de-inks, returning it to its initial state and getting it ready to pulp. Pulping helps to decrease the size of the material and make it easy to transform back into usable, quality cardboard. It is an environmentally friendly process that guarantees quality at the end of it, helping with your carbon footprint and also making you money.

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